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So, I’ve been asked a few questions about where my usual band are in my music video for “Throw Me Down”. So I thought I’d give a little explanation for you.

We were all set for the video and plans were running smoothly. However, on the morning of the shoot bad luck meant both Toby and Tyler were unable to make it, for completely valid and personal reasons might I add. So, the options were to pull out of the video and release the single without one or try and get something together last minute. I opted for the latter and to tried to pull in some mates in to play in the video.

Luckily the co-director for the video, Ben Mckelvey, is a close friend of mine and we have shared many stages together around the country over the years – for this reason he knows all of my songs like the back of his hand. It was suggested that he jumped onto the drums and jam along for the video – which of course was not a problem for a musician as talented as he is. Ben is currently on an arena tour with “Wet Wet Wet” and released his debut album last week which reached No. 6 in the Singer/Songwriter charts on iTunes, I recommend you go check him out!

On the Bass Guitar we have Jack Dean, a local musician, poet, rapper and also a good friend of mine. I roped him in last minute, taught him the bass line and we were off. Jack is currently recording his debut EP, keep your eyes peeled, he’s an incredibly talented and original artist!

I’m incredibly lucky to have such talented mates that were able to come in last minute and give a real performance for me and cant thank them enough for the help! Also, massive thank you to everyone that has supported the video so far including all the radio stations that have played the track and all of those that have watched, shared and liked the video online. And also to Jake Robbins for doing an amazing job Co-directing and editing the video.

Here is the video again incase you missed it!

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