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Its been a while since I posted up on here and the reason being is that I’ve been incredibly busy. Six weeks back I welcomed on board a new drummer, Toby. He has been a fantastic addition and will be playing every live show from now on. Due to his unique playing style and his ability with harmonies we have decided to re-record the EP that has just been finished… Not a prospect that most people relish, however for us it was the only choice and one that has excited both of us enormously. Toby understands me musically and has been the vital glue missing to hold the whole project together and this has reflected on what has been recorded in the past couple of weeks. So far Drums, Bass, Guitar and half the vocals have been tracked and we hope to have allĀ  tracking done by end of next week. Toby has taken on production duties this time around and will be putting his own stamp on the recordings. Not much has changed in overall direction of the music however, just that little extra welly on the recordings and live shows!

We have some very exciting news with regards to mixing and mastering which we will announce very soon. To those who have been hoping for some new tracks I apologise, but hopefully it will all be worth waiting for!

Thanks to everyone who has seen us live recently and checked us out online, it all helps! One off gigs are still coming in but any touring is currently on hold until we’re out of the studio.