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So, the past six weeks have been busy. Incase you missed it we are featured in this month’s Acoustic Magazine in the 13 best new artists section, we also had a very favourable review, I’ll post a snippet of the it below!

October also saw Toby and I recruit a new bass player, the incredibly talented Tyler Greenwood. Tyler brings energy in abundance and a solidarity that is essential from a bass player, not to mention he’s also a pretty handy guitar player. We are all rehearsed now and looking forward to getting out and playing a busy schedule to finish the year which includes a lot of intimate, private acoustic shows.

We’ve also secured our biggest show to date at The Barfly in Camden, London on the 23rd Jan, we’re truly excited to finally get out and play a venue thats been on our to do list for a while now and in the mean time we will be organising a small tour leading up to this date!

For the past couple of months I’ve been working with rapper jack dean producing his debut tracks at my home studio, of which he will be releasing one a month. Jack’s blend of acoustic based indie music with socially, politically and environmentally conscious lyrics I believe make him different to anyone around at the moment and I cant wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on! Check him out here <a href="http://www.jackdeanofficial original”>

Acoustic Magazine review
“….Brimming with energy drawled, Gallagher-esque vocals and chiming guitars, songs like “Grin and Tonic” and the acerbic “Talk of the Town”, with Oliver poking fun at today’s celebrity obsessed culture, suggests there’s more going on here than a guy trying to recreate a bygone musical era. Watch this space.”